Eating Blackberries

This past summer I had blackberries off my new blackberry vine that I planted last November. It flowered and produced a hand-full of succulent, perfect fruit that my husband and I ate while sitting in the garden. The juice exploding in my mouth with tart and sweet flavors - the seeds crunching in my teeth, inspired me to paint the experience in a little abstract acrylic painting, 6 x 8 inches on panel. The colors are purple, pink, blue, coral, and red with a metallic silver overlay. The painting changes colors with the direction of the light. Very challenging to photograph! The surface of 'Blackberry' is textured with a variety of random raised dots made by forcing texture paste thru a stencil, letting it dry and then painting. I usually do an underpainting. This one is orange with the other pigments on top, and a veil of silver over that. I don't use brushes much, but find palette knives and silicone scrapers move paint around in a fluid gestural way that I enjoy. 'Nat

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