As I sit here waiting for the first early snow of the season, I can catch the scent of roses cut from my new garden. 

This has been a year of big changes for me. My husband and I built a house on a small lake in Oklahoma City. Final? home perhaps. A few roots put down after travelling the world for the last 5 years post-retirement. Office for him the writer, and studio for me the painter. 

Moved in the day before Thanksgiving! Settled in and getting it all to flow. I was determined to cut back on some activities to devote more time to art.   

I started moving all my art work online. Pulled works from the galleries and consignment, which seemed to be going nowhere. Shut my gallery at the local multi-vendor mall. Just in time for Covid pandemic shelter-in-place starting in March.

The shut down has become a blessing for me. Being closed away means 24/7 peace and quiet. Time to paint, garden, cook, make music. I stopped answering the phone and the door. Learned to shop on Amazon and Instacart. And started building my garden - devoting most of the summer to it with some moments for naps and painting while I ponder directions, meanings, intents going forward.

For me building a garden is not just a hobby, but an outgrowth of my first profession as a landscape architect (or maybe the profession came from the gardening). I am endlessly fascinated by plants and nature. I feel a connection to living things and the garden is another form of art to me. An ongoing work of art that I feel compelled to create. 

I have gardened since my teenage years in Oklahoma and have now returned there for what I am calling my final garden. No plan drawn out, just going on intuitive design knowhow and finding what is available in the 2 - 3 open air garden centers I am allowed to visit while masked up.

I have still managed to paint about 50 pieces this year and others that did not make the cut (those are getting fewer with experience). 

So this blog - part of the giant bowl of spaghetti links and loops leading back to itself - about my art and creative endeavors.