Paint In Place and Shelter

Shelter-in-place or the lockdown here started in March when Covid was rampaging through New York and other places around the world.

Whatever else it has brought, the 'isolation' has been a positive experience of freedom and time in the studio for me.

I painted this piece then - and was thinking of 'the others' out there - not necessarily threatening, but just apart from us in here. 

I believe this experience has changed / is changing me. I don't want to cluster with other humans anymore. I keep imagining the 'dirt' in the places I used to frequent. But mostly I just want the absolute still quiet peace that comes from the deep solitude of creating.

Other people are writing, painting, cooking, gardening their way through this time. I am painting.

This painting appeared in the book - 'Home Anthology - an Antidote of Creative Expression' published 2020 by the Texas Poetry Society.



'Window' is an acrylic on gallery wrap canvas 12 x 12 inches. It shows a window and figures - an urban streetscape, cityscape or interior, depending on how you see it. Colors are blue, gray with dark purple and red-violet.