Intuitive Art and Creativity

The Intuitive Studio is my Blog and how I work as an artist (intuitively). On my creative journey I have come to realize that creativity and talent are a state of mind that anyone can participate in, if they are willing and disciplined. I am an eager, enthusiastic and passionate participant.

Intuitive work is based on the fact that we have ability and can let it materialize in our work, whatever we are undertaking. If you put aside ideas - methods - behaviors, it will show itself to you. 

In my first semester of design school, I produced work that was wonderful, without 'learning' how to be creative, learning the principles of design, etc. I understood that ability and knowledge was internal, already there, part of me, part of something larger than me. The challenge was to listen to it and accept that I was not going to learn it from someone else, do it like they did, practice it, improve it, hone it, or perfect it with the goal of reaching some fabulous end point. The idea that there is a long hard row to hoe to get where you are going is old-think and just isn't true. It was mine in its entirety, in the present moment, and my only need was to let it flow. 

That is not to say, I did not have learning to do to be able to practice landscape architecture or to be able to paint. Manipulating mediums and materials requires study and practice. Being a Landscape Architect requires using technical knowledge: civil engineering, surveying, site development, soils, plants, construction methods and materials, maintenance, and user needs, - beyond vision, creativity and design (the fun stuff) and the production of drawings to communicate the solution to the client. 

There is a whole body of learning. It is the same with any field. But in the end, the learned part and the intuitive part come together in a collaboration that becomes an extension of you, your mind, a vehicle, a paintbrush in your hand.

You might wonder how I arrived at my certainty about having ability and knowledge that is part of my larger self. I feel a connection to God. Investigating this feeling has convinced me that I have a right to know God face-to-face, in a personal manner outside of any religion. I am part of Him and there is only one way of being, no opposites, and no choice. Any other idea of yourself is a fantasy which you are free to pursue, if you want to end up on that long hard row with a hoe in your hand.

Certainty removes my fear of creating and producing work because it is an extension of myself - a mirror that shows me what I am.

This painting is an exploration of spiritual communication and the experience of unity. I am inspired by things learned from the book 'A Course in Miracles' which teaches mysticism through spiritual therapy.

Murmur of Assent, oil and cold wax on panel, 16 x 20 inches