Llano Pool Photo Featured on Pixels

My landscape photo, Llano Pool, has been featured in the Exploration Photography group on Pixels. This photo is from my Texas Hill Country Collection of photos taken while I was living in Fredericksburg Texas a couple of year ago. 

The Llano River runs through Llano Texas and is its banks are home to the wonderful Llano EarthFest and the World Rock Stacking Championship held there every March. The river supplies all the materials for the artists who create incredible designs with rocks, twigs, pebbles, soil and sand. If you get a chance you should see this event.

I was attracted by the colors and textures of the exposed limestone, clear water, and burnished grasses, which have stood up over winter and are just beginning to green up in the spring. You wouldn't guess that I was surrounded by a hundred people working on earth art sculptures in this spot. 

Llano Pool by Cynthia Fletcher

I studied photography at University of Central Oklahoma - using a Nikon FM2 35mm camera, film, lenses, filters, dark room - the whole works... 

FYI: Pixels and Fine Art America are owned by the same folks. FAA was for North America and Pixels was originally developed for the European market. They show the exact same works and now everything is shipped internationally.

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